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for high-tech startups

We work closely with CEOs, and humbly try to help them achieve their main goals, including:

> Strategy (target market, offering, roadmap)

> Fundraising (VCs, angels, grants, etc.)

> Design and development of Mockup, MVP or first products

> Marketing

> Executive staffing

> Budget

> Legal


We do it via 1:1 meetings, and connecting the CEO with worldwide experts, clients and investors. If needed we raise our sleeves and join the team's effort. We further inter-connect our startups/founders so they can leverage the other's experience and resources.

We prefer to work with early stage startups who raised pre-seed or seed, and leverage the networking and 20 years of experience in startups and VC, which Avner and the team bring.


We're always on the entrepreneurs' side, and are willing to take some risks. Sometimes we join the startup's round.

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